About Us

Envy My Nails act as the sole UK distributor for the stunning photo-design nail art stickers manufactured by RD Corp – a leading manufacturer of exclusive, ultra thin, high-end nail art products.

RD Corp products use the latest full-colour printing technology on an ultra-thin transfer to allow both professional nail technicians and home users to rapidly create unique, vibrant, artistic nails that will stand-out at any occasion.

RD Corp products have been designed by Professional Nail Artists producing a number of exciting and exclusive collections as listed under our ‘Collections’ page.


We offer two lines of Photo-Design products:

Photo-Designs for Professionals:  With just under 800 designs to choose from, these ultra thin stickers are only 25 microns thick!  That is 4 times thinner than the average human hair – so thin you can barely feel the border of the sticker.  We believe this to be the thinnest product currently available on the market.  Photo-Designs for Professionals are printed in high resolution and in full colour to provide maximum impact, and should really be applied by professional nail technicians to get the best results.  For ideas and tips on how to get the best results please see our guides and videos.  Note that the Photo-Designs for Professionals range come in one of three different forms – Classic, French and Block.  Each Classic and French pack that you buy has 12 stickers of the same pattern in 6 different sizes – and there is often enough in each pack for more than one manicure depending on how you choose to cut them for use in your designs.  The Block pack is a single larger sheet (5cm X 7cm) which you must cut to size to suit your designs – and again there is normally enough for more than one manicure.

Holographic Stickers:  With over 70 designs to choose from, these are stunning holographic prints on film that is only 65 microns thick.  These fabulous stickers can be used either by professional nail technicians, or even by individuals to create amazing salon-effect manicure in their own homes.


These high quality RD Corp products are fast and easy to work with, and the extensive and growing range means that there does not need to be any limits to your creativity.  For the best results we recommend that you use our products in conjunction with either UV gel, acrylics or soak-off bio gel – although note that they can also be used with regular nail polish if desired.


We sincerely feel that nail technicians, salon owners, nail schools or anybody with an interest in nails and nail-art will enjoy these RD Corp products and use them to take their nail art to new levels of detail and vibrancy.  We are extremely excited to be able to bring these products to the UK market, and are looking forward to seeing your creative and beautiful work.